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The Let's Write Story: Jennifer Strickland

Writing is a Call of the Heart


Determined to write a book to help girls with their self-image, in 1995 I left the modeling industry and went back to school to earn a Master's degree in Writing and Literature. Drawing upon my Journalism undergraduate experience and passion to help young women, I set out to write a book that would change the world's view of beauty, media, and women's worth.


I soon married the love of my life, the Cowboy, and we had two children back-to-back. The roadblocks I met along the way of writing were many. For one, the pain of my experiences overwhelmed me, so I stuffed the manuscript in the drawer. Busy with two young children, I had every excuse not to write. But one fateful night, the Cowboy told me he fell in love with a woman who was going to write a book and help girls with her story. He pointed to an empty office in our home, and challenged me to do the hard work it would take to make my dream come true. 

Girl Perfect came out in 2008 and went all over the world. To date it has been translated into five languages. I began receiving letters from women who felt like someone knew how they felt. I went on to write The Girl Perfect Study Guide. Fast forward ten years later, I have published seven books and Bible studies and a series of wall-art poetry. 

I know how to write a book, publish your story, and develop curriculum to help the people who need your message most. I began realizing this is a real need among those called to write. So in 2017, I began teaching the Let's Write Workshops to empower you with the keys to effective writing that translate into life-changes for your reader. By offering editorial feedback, content editing, writing classes, and coaching, I've helped many people achieve their writing dreams.  

Now my friends call me "the Writing mid-wife," although I prefer the word "Mentor." I come alongside you, draw out the best in you, and help bring that baby to birth! It takes hard work, tenacity, and a passionate pursuit of your dream. 

But if I can do it, so can you! - Jennifer Strickland

A Library in the Making


A well-seasoned publisher once told me, "Do everything you can with your first book before you write the next." This is hard advice for creatives like me with lots of ideas. But I followed her advice and it has served me well. 

Along with Girl Perfect published by Charisma, I wrote the Girl Study Guide, developed a leader's kit and DVD curriculum, and produced the Girl Perfect docudrama based on my life story. Harvest House published my signature message on women's identity called Beautiful Lies, the Beautiful Lies Study Guide, and  a DVD curriculum.  More Beautiful Than You Know is my favorite work for teen girls and Pretty From the Inside Out is my PG message for pre-teens. With Barbour Publishing, I wrote the edgy and brave 21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe About Sex. In 2018, I am a contributing author to Thomas Nelson's The Invitation. My poetry is an ever-growing resource for women in challenging times. 

What have I learned? You write what you know. You write what ails you.  You write the book you need to read!

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What Can I Do for You?


Writing takes rhythm, discipline, and a steadfast pursuit of the call on your heart. Writing a book takes reading, research, re-writing, editing, and vulnerability. The best writing tells the truth. It's scary; it's honest; it's brave.

Many people dream of writing a book but don't know the steps it takes. They have a story, a revelation, or a message trapped inside of them that longs to come out. But year after year, that dream goes unrealized. Without learning the craft and without accountability and community, we can't reach our dream. We write alone but it takes a community to bring a book to birth. That's where Let's Write classes come in. I have many people in my classes who walk in with little knowledge of the craft, and walk out empowered to write the book on their hearts. In Let's Write, you will receive teaching on the writing and publishing process, feedback on your work, and the coaching you need to see your work to the finish. 

A book is not complete until it's in the hands of the readers who need it most. I can help you get there.

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