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"Jennifer's Let's Write class was THE tool I needed to bring focus to my book. Without her class I was directionless and unsure. I am grateful for her expertise and sincerity to see each of us reach our fullest potential. She believes in partnering with you in your calling. This writer's class is a must, even if you've written a book and are onto your next project. You will hone your words, honor your calling, and birth your passions." 

- Deana Morgan, emotional architect, speaker, author


Let's Write Workshops, Jennifer Strickland

"Jennifer Strickland has a wealth of experience in getting a book to press. The Let's Write course was invaluable and saved me a great deal of heartache and needless work. I'm so thankful I didn't wait and met with her before I began to write my book. She will educate you on all your options and help you decide what is best for you. I highly recommend the Let's Write workshops for those who are just beginning. Jennifer can help birth your book in you!"  

 - Michelle Hearn, contributing writer to  Gateway Groups blog, author of the Beautiful Lies Leader Guide.


Writing coach, Jennifer Strickland, writing classes, content editing, copyediting, write a book

"Jennifer's encouragement to my writing has been invaluable. She entered into my project as if it were her own. She guided me through the writing process and helped me see a systemic pathway to share the message I wanted for my reader. Her dedication to my book has turned what I felt was random into an organized, cohesive piece I am proud to share with the world." 

- Marti Martin, speaker and author of The Bold Walk and So Now What?

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Jennifer Strickland’s Let’s Write course was a wonderful and worthwhile experience for me.  For years, I served as a ghostwriter assisting published authors with their books, blogs, and other written content. As most of these assignments came to an end, I was left with a deep desire and sense of calling to write and publish in my own name. I just needed some inspiration and direction for getting started. Through Jennifer’s Let’s Write course, my passion for writing was reignited, my craft in writing was refreshed, and my discipline for consistent writing was restored. Within the safe community environment of the Let’s Write course, Jennifer helped me find my voice, develop my story, and set me up for success. Jennifer is a wonderful English teacher who took time to teach us to the mechanics of good writing and publishing, while exercising great grace and transparency in sharing the needed resolve and discipline behind this labor of love. Some of my favorite moments include Jennifer’s encouraging emphasis upon the deep impact our writing makes on a world in need. Thanks to Jennifer’s course, within a few short months, I’ve launched a ministry website, started a blog, and I’m in the process of authoring my first book! Whether you’re an experienced writer or a novice looking for a way to get started, I highly recommend Jennifer Strickland’s Let’s Write course for the courage, curriculum and community you need to become the writer you dream to be. 

Melissa Medina, HopeFires International, www.hopefires.com


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